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Transport Management System

What is Transport Management System? (TMS)

The transport management software is a medium where a transport do their business work in digital format. The transport management software is very useful for transporter, whether they are Full Truck Load, Part Truck Load or Fleet Owner. Our transport management software improves transporting business activity. In transporting business freight management is the key point of transportation.

Now a days, most of the transporter working manually, due to manual working, they face lots of problems like..calculation mistake of freight, wrong ledger posting, missing LR/Bilty at the time of making bill for party. Other than this, if customer ask to transporter for some information about bilty which is made 3–4 months back, then it is very difficult to find it.

if we are working manually, it will take long time to search and find information and if we are working with software, it will hardly 2–3 minutes to find any information required by customer.

Disadvantage of Manual Working

  1. Calculation mistake in freight.
  2. Ledger posting get wrong or entries get missed.
  3. Missing LR/Bilty at the time of making bill to party.
  4. Delay in finding information required by customers

Benefits of Using our Transport Software

  1. Time Saving.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Ledger Posting with Single Entry.
  4. Fast searching of Information.
  5. Our Transport Software is online/cloud based, you can use it from anywhere with your User ID-Password, no need of carry a laptop.

Modules & Features of

Transport Software


  1. Ledger Creation (Consignor,Consignee,Transporter…).
  2. Product Group.
  3. Product.
  4. Unit.
  5. Rate Setup.


  1. Booking/LR Entry.
  2. Hire Slip/Bhada Parchi.
  3. Loading Challan.
  4. Unloading Challan.
  5. Crossing Challan
  6. Cash Memo / Gate Pass.
  7. Delivery Confirmation
  8. Billing.
  9. Cash Confirmation/POD.
  10. Delivery Confirmation.
  11. Summary Entry.
  12. Receipt/Payment.
  13. Outward Challan.


  1. Booking/LR/Trip Register.
  2. Loading Challan Register.
  3. Outward Challan Register.
  4. Stock Register.
  5. Cash Memo Register.
  6. Crossing Challan Register.
  7. Ledger.
  8. Cash Book.
  9. Bank Book.
  10. Receipt/Payment Register.
  11. Hire Slip Register.
  12. Cash Confirmation Register.
  13. Billing Register.
  14. Summary Register.
  15. Bilty Status.
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