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Real Estate

Manpushp is an experienced Real Estate software solution provider. We anticipate market changes to provide a range of solutions to cater global Real Estate Market. We design comprehensive solutions for Real Estate professionals, which allows them to manage all their organizational data on one platform and focus on core competencies.

Our core platform combines group of integrated modules and system designed specifically for various Real Estate verticals:

Rental ERP

solution accessed via Web & Mobile , Real-time, cross-functional, bespoke Rental Property Management offering solution for Vendor, Inventory, Accounting and Budgeting, Maintenance, HR & payroll and much more.

Property Buy and Sell Solution

Cloud-based app covering all steps in the purchase & sale of properties right from listing & searching to generation of ‘Offer to Purchase’ and ‘Purchase Agreement’. Our Solution offers MLS Search Listings, PayPal & Close line for settlements.

Retail Store Rental

Tracks shop openings, listings, and brand locations, key money calculations for Retail Brand Stores in key cities around the world. Our solution provides revolutionary information and analytic to Retailers, Tenants, Landlords, and Asset Managers & Brokers.


Manpushp is leading the way in redefining the benefits to retail companies from a strategic digital presence.

Committed to making your effective presence felt across all electronic channels- websites, specific portals and mobile devices (m-commerce), Manpushp helps you to create a memorable experience for your customers. In keeping with this approach, we view the point of sale space in terms of the following service offerings:

Social Networking

Wherein we leverage our proprietary tools to connect our clients’ digital channels with social networks like Facebook and Twitter, thereby building a deeper connection with their customers.

Proximity Marketing

Location-based search & push advertising is another service that we specialize in, wherein information about the users’ location is leveraged to serve him contextual marketing messages, mobile coupons & information on the physical location of service outlets.


Wherein we partner with our clients to help them evolve beyond their traditional brick-and-mortar channels and establish their presence on the web


Software manufacturing is the process of producing software in ways similar to the manufacturing of tangible goods. In this way of conducting business, each copy of the software is priced and sold as though it was a tangible product. The sales process usually is conducted by per copy or per desktop software licensing.

Common Features of Manufacturing Software:

Manufacturing execution system (MES)

Controls the actual production phase and shop floor operations. Functions include work-in-progress reporting, production tracking, labor tracking, equipment utilization and scrap reporting.

Manufacturing accounting

Manages all of the financial transactions and operations for a company. In addition to the traditional accounting functions of general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, inventory and payroll, purchase orders, change orders and job costing modules.

Product life cycle management (PLM)

Organizes all manufacturing information around to the designing, producing, supporting and disposing of manufactured goods. May include computer-aided design software, bill of materials data and document management.


AUTO MAN is a completely menu Driven Package running since last 10 years at more than fifty cities of India. This Package is designed for AUTOMOBILE Dealers covering various areas of Dealership like Vehicle Sales, Workshop, Spares, Warranty and Accounts & MIS with the theme of increasing the efficiency in operations.

Modules and Key Features:

Vehicle Sales

This module covers various reports regarding marketing analysis, Sales analysis, Target & Forecasting Vehicle Stocks, Area wise / Financier wise / Sales Representative wise / Model wise Tracking along with Performa Invoice Booking, Invoice, Stocks, Sales Tax Report & MIS Report.


It covers Purchase Order, Purchase / Counter Sale, Stock Transfer, Stock Report, Bin wise current Stock, Stock Forecasting, Projected Purchase Order, Part Ageing analysis, Part wise Profitability with alternate part master & Local name Tracking.


Cash Book, Bank Book, Trial Balance, Sub Trial Balance, Bank Register, Ledger, Contra Ledger, Merge Ledger, Interest Ledger, Cash Flow, Fund Flow, Profit & Loss, Ageing analysis of Debtors, Ageing analysis of Creditors, Journal Book, Credit & Debit Note Book, Trading and PL Balance Sheet.


Manpushp has extensive experience in Social Networking Services, creating prime platforms enabling networking between individuals organizations and enabling businesses to use Social Media based business drivers to create engagement and hence increase sales. In today’s globally competitive business era, just feature differentiation is not enough to beat competition, a global, engaging Social presence is really important and Manpushp helps you build that.

Our Social Network Solutions have been used in various areas of businesses and across the globe.

Dating Sites and Chat Engines

Manpushp dating and Chat solutions offers matching algorithms, Video Chat, rich UI experience for Image and video viewing, fast searching and instant messaging.

Social Networks Based on Niche Groups

Manpushp Social network solution has options to have it customized for a Niche group like food, lifestyle or entertainment using its easy templates.

Social Media Marketing

Our SEO experts ensure that your website ranks among the top sites in search engine rankings thereby gaining free traffic (‘footfall’ or ‘eyeballs’) from prospects and clients.

Generic Social Networks

Manpushp software offer packaged services in an attractive and organized way to allow users leverage web to make connections.

Professional Network

Manpushp has custom designed solution for Professional network which focusses solely on interactions and relationships of a business.

Intranet Networking System

Intranet Applications like inter-office e-mail and communicators allow employees of a company to communicate swiftly.