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This page contains information about our IOT services.

  • Manpushp Software

    Manpushp, a next generation digital advertisement platform that allows businesses to establish a futuristic and direct communication with their customers. Using Manpushp a business can create a virtual perimeter and send notifications to the customers who pass through this perimeter.

    By providing users the relevant and accurate information you can look forward to increase the footfall which further enhances your brand, promote sales and strengthen the customer relationship.

    The Manpushp mobile app will display the information to customers regarding dynamically changing deals & promotions of your business.


  • Fleet management solution

    SetFleet is simply an opportunity to optimize the functioning of a fleet. It includes a range of functions like vehicle telematics, driver management and fuel management. Our Fleet Management system is a comprehensive solution to all your vehicle operational and scalability issues.

    It enables people to accomplish a series of specific tasks in the management of any or all aspects relating to a company's fleet of vehicles.

    A customer is easily able to connect to a driver its pickup and drop off locations through GPS technology. The system generates the corresponding quote for the journey with driver details.


  • Smart Parking Solution

    Smart parking monitoring application is made to identify free parking spaces in the mall. This application works when the users enteres the parking area of a mall and opens the application.

    The user will have to first check the parking availability from the floor section and then will get the free spaced parking pillars that are assigned to the sensor. Also while coming back to the parking area, the user can detect the car location with the help of the application.